Wait, have you been meditating and not realizing it?

Meditation.  Some people have a lot positive experiences associated with that word while others may be intimidated by it.  Some people love the relaxation and inspiration it offers while other people swear they can’t meditate or don’t have time.  

While I was never really intimidated by meditation, there was a point where I thought it wasn’t for me, that there was something very religious about it. This point of time came when I was in high school and meditation had yet to make the media splash that it has today. (and maybe I wasn’t the most educated on the topic yet either)

Later on in high school I watched a youtube video mentioning meditation’s benefits. A clear and calm mind leaving with a positive mentality? Count me in!

So I tried to start my meditation journey.  I was directed to another youtube video that taught a certain style of meditation. It was all about sitting cross-legged and “feeling the flow.”  I genuinely tried to feel the energy of the room and let go of my thoughts like the video suggested but I was really in no luck because I couldn’t empty my mind.  I kept on getting distracted and worried that I wasn’t doing it right. It also just wasn’t normal for me to sit in silence.

But is that what meditation is really about? Emptying your mind and sitting still?

There are many different types of meditation yet this is the common conception of meditation.  

Nowadays, when I think of meditation, I think of an empowering guided meditation with soothing music in the background.  I think about feeling my connection to my inner self, the part of me that is filled with positivity, love and light. I think about gently relaxing my mind, not emptying it.  It’s just as if I lose grip of my conscious thoughts naturally, not by force.

But aren’t those affects the same outcome for many other activities we engage in? Think about painting, running, reading, or watching an engaging movie.  We are all connecting to a bigger part of ourselves and disengaging with our conscious minds for a bit. Am I suggesting that you are meditating when you are deeply into your favorite song and singing along to it?  I don’t know, maybe. It’s quite interesting to think about because when we lose ourselves in a engaging, creative or physically active way, we do feel different than normal. And all of these activities have 1 goal in common: To get you feeling better about yourself by diffusing your conscious focus.  

What do you think? Have you been meditating and not realizing it?  

Voice your opinions below!  

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