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Personalized Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions

I get it.  Daily stressors, responsibilities and insecurities can take a toll on us. We’re stressed, tired, and burnt out. We’ve all been there.  (🙋🏼‍I know I have!) The biggest keys to my own personal growth and transformation have been two things:

  • Making my happiness unconditional by isolating my emotions from my life circumstances.  I call this the game of resilience. Once you remind yourself (and make the message real loud and clear🔊) that you can tap into your own positive emotions no matter what is going on in your life, then you truly empower yourself.  We often blame other people or circumstances in our life for the way we think, feel and behave. All along deep down we know that only we have control over our own thoughts, emotions and behavior. But now it’s time to bring this empowering revelation to the surface‼️Playing the resilience game isn’t always easy.  Sometimes we play it well every now and then but in order to be a star player, we got to treat it as a constant practice. This practice can be strengthened by exercises and meditation.
  • Breaking negative thought patterns with appreciation exercises and the process of reappraisal.  Reappraisal is redefining situations in order to change our emotional reactions to them. So instead of assuming an event or circumstance to be negative or adverse, we can extract positive meanings from them.  These positive meanings can provoke self-growth and reveal positive aspects that you were previously unaware of. During my work with people, this strategy has been highly effective because it stretches the way you think.  You start expanding a thought process that was once narrow and created tunnel vision. In the process of appreciation, we take those aspects that we know we love and milk them.  When I say milk them, I mean get EVERY last positive aspect out of them.🐄😂 We’ll talk about them and get in real deep about why we love them so much💟 

So that was really three things then, huh?

In my private sessions you’ll get the benefit of working on all three of these key processes in addition to a guided meditation customized specifically for you and what you need.  All of these sessions will take place over Zoom💻 Before we start the session, you’ll fill out a form of why you want to work with me and what your biggest stressors are. That way, I have a sense of what we need to work on and I can start developing our session before we meet! But of course, all processes are ongoing so I’ll be able to tweak and improvise as we go along.

Here’s what you can expect in a typical session:


I’ll start you off with some body and mind relaxation techniques.  This super short meditation will give you the chance to shake off any craziness you’ve been dealing with and prepare your mind and body for the mindfulness revolution ahead.


In order to structure our conversations, I’ll have customized worksheets for you containing emotionally evoking questions and exercises to get your mind working on those three key concepts.


 I’ll top off your session with a relaxing yet empowering personalized guided meditation.  There will be relaxing music in the background and I’ll add in more body/mind relaxation along with any relevant visualizations or metaphors to cement the work we did together.  This part will let you receive the inspiration you need to empower yourself. You’ll leave with a sense of inner peace and control over your life.

That’s just the structure of a typical one hour or 30 minute session. If you just want guided meditation or mindfulness who’s stopping you? Not me!  Due to time restraints, a 15 minute session will just be a customized guided meditation. 

DISCLAIMER: None of my meditations, products or services are substitutes for medical treatment

  • 15 min session- $30
  • 30 min session- $55 (save $5)
  • 1 hour session- $95 (save $15-$25)
  • Discount Bundle- 4 one-hour sessions for the price of 3     
    • Self-development, mindfulness and meditation are big categories and ongoing processes.  I added all of these personalized aspects to give you the best bang for your buck. But even after all the transformative work we’ll do together, you still might be craving more.  That’s why I created a package deal! While a one-hour session is $95, a pack of 4 one hour sessions (bought in one purchase) is $285. That’s one session completely free! 

💬I’d love to discuss if any of these sessions would benefit you. If you have any questions or want to reach out, e-mail me at or start a chat in the messenger widget on the lower-right hand corner of my site!