MEDITATIONS - Empower Meditations

This meditation is really special to me.  I wrote it because I sometimes feel like I need to actively go after everything I want. But I know the best parts about life for me are the things that come with grace and ease while just being myself and letting go of my stress.  I hope that this visualization and inspirational talk will inspire you to trust life a little more and be more excited to live a life with an untold future.

We all want things, whether it be materialistic objects such as cars or shoes, or a new job and higher salary.  We all want these things because we think we would feel better when we have them. But we can feel better now, especially when we realize that the satisfaction of our desires can’t fill us up the way we think they do.  This meditation isn’t about letting go of your desires, but regaining your control over them and reconnecting with your inner peace.

I created this meditation because sometimes I feel lonely or feel like I don’t know how to come off as likeable.  We all want to have friends or partners to make our lives fulfilling, but we often sacrifice our connection to ourselves in the process.  This meditation is all about learning to enjoy yourself and your own company, so that you can be your natural self and handle relationships with love and ease.  There’s no need to feel lonely or unworthy but it is often a byproduct of trying too hard to meet other people’s standards.

Life is really about the way we look at things and the kinds of emotions that are attached to our thinking habits.  We have the incredible power to change the way we constantly think about something, and consequently feel different emotions, leading to more happiness and self-growth.  This process isn’t easy but it shows us the power we have over our own lives. This meditation is all about exploring the power of changing our thoughts and interpretations of events.

We all have those hectic days full of studying, working or dealing with stressful projects and activities.  This meditation is meant to focus yourself away from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. In just a short time, you can find yourself reconnecting with your ability to choose your thoughts and tune into relaxation instead.

This meditation means a lot to me because it reminds me of how simple life and happiness can be. I always think about this one day in particular when I was out in the sun on a spring day drinking iced coffee. Life felt so good and simple.  All of the big things that I really wanted didn’t matter to me anymore. This meditation is a reminder that joy and happiness can be accessed in the simplest of ways.

Meditation Suggestions

Do you have an idea for future meditations?  Feel free to share topics, moods, or other specific suggestions (i.e. length or style).