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Hi, I'm Jessie Simon!

I’m really passionate about bringing meditation and mindfulness into a conventional lifestyle. I created this website because I love sharing my personal ways of healing and dealing with different struggles in my life.  I also want to demystify the concept of meditation. You don’t need to make meditation habitual or time consuming to benefit from it. It’s just a relaxing way to receive empowering messages that you would otherwise stumble upon on Instagram, movies or your favorite songs. I truly believe that some of you will resonate with at least one of my meditations or insights which makes me believe that all my hard work to put this together will be worth it.  I hope you can turn to my platforms for a constant source of relaxation, inspiration and sense of connection💜



All of my meditations are on YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify etc. so you can listen to my meditations for free on any platform you want.

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